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Wrap-It-Cool Wrap

Wrap-It-Cool Wrap

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Wrap-It-Cool Wrap

Wrap-It-Cool offers an innovative solution for pain management, combining convenience with effectiveness. This two-meter-long stretchy and breathable wrap is designed to minimize pain, inflammation, swelling, and bruising, while dramatically cooling down the affected area. Its unique formulation includes Menthol for pain relief, Ethyl Alcohol for heat removal through evaporation, and Calendula and Arnica Oil for their anti-inflammatory properties, with Arnica Oil also targeting bruising. Remarkably, one hour of wearing Wrap-It-Cool equates to over six hours of cooling, offering a more efficient alternative to traditional R.I.C.E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation) methods. Ideal for treating sprains, strains, fractures, and joint pain, it allows for continued daily activities while undergoing treatment. The wrap comes in a resealable bag for convenient storage and is reusable with the purchase of the Wrap It Cool Recharge Liquid.

Key Features:

  • Two-Meter Length: Ample size for wrapping various body parts.
  • Resealable Bag: Ensures easy and hygienic storage.
  • Four Active Ingredients: Menthol, Ethyl Alcohol, Calendula, and Arnica Oil for comprehensive pain relief.
  • Long-Lasting Cooling Effect: One hour of use provides over six hours of cooling.
  • Reusable: Can be re-saturated with Wrap It Cool Recharge Liquid for repeated use.
  • Ideal for Multiple Conditions: Perfect for sprains, strains, fractures, and joint pain.


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