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Get Prepared Today! We can help!

Since 2008, Food Storage Depot has been serving tens of thousands of families worldwide, fortune 100 companies, the U.S. military, celebrities, churches, government entities of all sizes, and private institutions. 

We know what works and what doesn't when it comes to emergency preparedness and therefore our motto is to Prepare Individuals, Families, and Groups for Emergencies The Right Way, The First Time. 

As one of the top producers of emergency food, one of the top companies online, and as the largest retail store in Utah (the center of emergency preparedness worldwide), we have the knowledge and skills to help you get prepared without wasting precious time or money. 

That's REAL peace of mind! 

Weekly, and often daily, you hear news reports speaking about droughts, pandemics, war, economic downturns, riots, job loss, terrorism, earthquakes, hurricanes, power outages, contaminated food or water, diminishing food supplies, and more. It can be a little scary!

We know how to help you make sure YOU’RE PREPARED for anything that comes your way.

FoodStorageDepot.com is recognized not only for our expertise and reliability, but also for the quality of materials we supply.  With FoodStorageDepot.com, you don't have to wonder if your supplies will work or not, or if your food is still good, or if your water supply is sufficient. 

You’ve probably heard that it’s better to be prepared a year early, than even a day late.  Well it’s true.  But, sometimes it’s a little overwhelming to know what to do first and how to prepare effectively. 

Being one of the top suppliers of emergency food storage, water storage, emergency kits, and other emergency supplies, we have the know-how to help you.  

Let us help you get yourself (and those you care for) prepared the RIGHT way.

1 Year Recommended Food Storage for 1 Adult (20-30 year shelf life)
Wheat - (4) 5 Gallon Buckets
- Red and/or White Wheat - (4) 5 Gallon Buckets
Other Grains - (6) Cases or (36) Cans
- Quick Cook (QC) Parboiled Rice - 3 cases
- QC Pasta - 1 case
- QC Quick Oats - 2 cases
QC Beans - (3) Cases or (18) Cans
- Black Beans - 1 case
- Pinto Beans - 1 case
- Red Beans - 1 case

Freeze Dried/Dehydrated Vegetables - (8) Cases or (48) Cans
- Asparagus - 1 Can
- Bell Peppers - 2 Cans
- Broccoli - 1 Case/6 Cans
- Carrots - 3 Cans
- Cauliflower - 2 Cans
- Celery - 3 Cans
- Corn - 1 Case/6 Cans
- Garlic - 1 Can
- Green Beans - 1 Case/6 Cans
- Mushrooms - 2 Cans
- White Onion - 1 Case/6 Cans
- Peas - 1 Case/6 Cans
- Spinach - 3 Cans
- Zucchini - 1
Potatoes - (4) Cases or (24) Cans
- Potato Dices - 1 Case/6 Cans
- Potato Flakes - 1 Case/6 Cans
- Potato Shreds - 1 Case/6 Cans
- Sweet Potato - 1 Case/6
Fruits - (8) Cases or (48) Cans
- Apples - 2 Cases/12 Cans
- Bananas - 2 Cases/12 Cans

- Blueberries - 1 Case/6 Cans
- Peach Dices - 1 Case/6 Cans
- Pineapple - 1 Case/6 Cans
- Strawberries - 1 Case/6 Cans
- Milk - 4 Cases/24 Cans
- Eggs - 1 Case/6 Cans

- Mountain House Meats Variety Kit - 1 Case/6 Cans
- Salt - 8 lbs

Please note that there is already a year supply kit put together for purchase with all that's listed above included. However, if you would like to personalize your kit, by swapping some out for other options, or have some food storage already, but not all, then I hope this helps.

Also if you're interested in meal preparation, and cooking when and if such an emergency occurs, as well as recommendations on how one would go about doing so, and what one would need, please check out "What if..." cooking Meals in Adverse Conditions by Mitzi Jensen. Not only does this cook book walk you through things you may want to know during such times, when you may be in a panic and confused or all time low, but it also gives recipe ideas using food storage ingredients, and instructions. Just be aware this does not necessarily use all the ingredients in the one year plan and may vary, it leaves the creation of your own meals and what supplies up to you. The cook book does help walk you through doing so, and is a great resource to those who want that option.