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Survival Tabs

Survival Tabs

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Emergency Food Ration Survival Food Replacement

10-Year Shelf Life!  The Survival Tabs are meant to keep you alive and going for months at a time. A person can survive 4-5 months by eating The Survival Tabs exclusively. In an emergency situation, one 180-tablet bottle of chewable tabs supplies a person with 3 days’ worth of survival food based on the recommended consumption of 12 tablets per serving. This can be stretched to a 30-day supply under extreme conditions.

The Survival Tabs provide you with high daily nutrition in a compact and lightweight form. The chewable tabs provide the body with 100% of the daily recommended vitamins and nutrients needed per serving. They are so completely and quickly digested they have a 99% absorption rate. Within five minutes of consuming the tabs, 97% of the protein is available to repair and replace essential body tissues and fluids. The Survival Tabs allow you to utilize 99% of their calorie content for energy.

Once opened, The Survival Tabs will remain usable for up to 90 days before losing their efficacy.

The Survival Tab samples that were produced in 1974-75 and have been stored at room temperature have found little, if any, deterioration or loss of vitamin or food value.

We have also used accelerated storage testing at higher than normal temperatures to determine loss of food value and acceptability. Our results showed negligible loss in these areas.

Freezing temperatures will have no effect at all on these tablets.

During emergencies, you want food that needs very little preparation time (if any) so you can preserve time and fuel. Especially in your car or in a 72-hour kit. 

High nutrient rations with your daily dose of vitamins. The tabs taste delicious and are appropriate for all ages. These especially are popular with children in times of stress. 


Want to prepare your family the right way, the first time with exceptional emergency preparedness? Visit today!

Note: Bulk pricing for groups, institutions, or corporations is available. Call us at 801-583-2215 M-F 10am to 6pm (MST) or SAT 10am to 3pm (MST), except holidays (or email us at anytime).

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