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Saratoga Jacks

Saratoga Jacks Thermal Cooker

Saratoga Jacks Thermal Cooker

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Saratoga Jacks Thermal Cooker

What is a Thermal Cooker?

The best way we describe it to someone who has never seen one before is...a cordless, portable, non electric, version of a crockpot. All the things you love about slow cooking, without the things that you don't.

If you could slow cook your dinner all day without burning it, or keeping it plugged in, and even take it with you when you need to go. You have discovered what a thermal cooker is.

What are the Benefits of Thermal Cooking?

You will conserve energy and fuel, and in an emergency that may become essential. In a non emergency it saves you money on your electric bill.

You can get your meal started in the morning, just bringing your meal's ingredients to a hard boil for a few minutes, turn off your fuel source, and it will continue to slow cook and then stay hot and ready to serve for hours... AND it is portable! 

We have been teaching people how to use it as a mobile kitchen. Which means, you can use it for road trips, or other all day events, or in remote locations.

Also being portable, allows you to avoid the fast food restaurant options, by having a hot home cooked healthy meal option at the end of a long day, already ready to go.

Portable means it goes where you go... whether that is trucking across the country, in the outback, at the beach, or at an all day sporting event with your kids.

This makes it easier for those who want to change their diet who are on the go a lot. Saving not only money, but possibly even your health.


Want to prepare your family the right way, the first time with exceptional emergency preparedness? Visit today!

Note: Bulk pricing for groups, institutions, or corporations is available. Call us at 801-583-2215 M-F 10am to 6pm (MST) or SAT 10am to 3pm (MST), except holidays (or email us at anytime).

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