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Redmond Salt

Redmond REAL Sea Table Salt (Fine Grind)

Redmond REAL Sea Table Salt (Fine Grind)

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Redmond REAL Sea Table Salt (Fine Grind)

The Way Salt Should Be - REAL Salt is unrefined, ancient sea salt exactly as nature made it. We call it “Nature’s First Sea Salt®.” 

It contains 60+ naturally-occurring trace minerals, and it’s never processed or chemically treated - no artificial additives or unhealthy pollutants.

Our fine sea salt is our most popular grain size and makes a perfect everyday table salt. It’s great for boiling water, seasoning your food, baking, and more.

If you want to reuse your shakers, reduce waste, and keep your meals full of flavor, our 26 oz. refill pouch is an awesome choice.

If you want to store up salt for an emergency, the 25 lb bags are the way to go. 

  • Small size grains
  • Best everyday seasoning salt
  • Great for baking

Redmond Real Salt is unrefined sea salt mined from an ancient seabed in Utah where it’s safe from modern pollutants. It’s pure, unprocessed, and full of trace minerals that give it one-of-a-kind nutritional benefits and a subtly sweet flavor that brings out the best in each bite.


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