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Mountain House

Freeze-Dried Meats Variety Kit - Mountain House

Freeze-Dried Meats Variety Kit - Mountain House

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Mountain House Freeze-Dried Meats Variety Kit 
(Guaranteed 30-Year Shelf Life!)

Variety Kits are's most popular food products in each category all in one place and at a case-lot discount.  It's not only a great way to save money, but also to build your emergency food supply with some of the most requested items from our warehouses. Each variety pack comes with six #10 cans, which is about 5 gallons worth of very concentrated dehydrated or freeze-dried foods. 

During emergencies, you want food that needs very little cooking so you can preserve time and fuel. You also need a variety of proteins to keep your muscles strong and your health at optimum levels.

Mountain House is the premier freeze-dry meat company and packages some of the best meats available, so you get a fresh, delicious taste in each bite of chicken of beef.

Mountain House meats are all-natural, with no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.

Since these meats are pre-cooked, they can be eaten straight from the container dry or re-hydrated simply by adding water. They are truly "life-saving" foods!

This food kit comes in top-notch food-storage cans (the most secure way of storing long-term food storage against rodents, moisture, etc.). When it comes to food for emergencies, you never want to take chances on your food being compromised.

Freeze-Dried Meats Variety Kit contains:

  • 2 Cans - Mountain House's Freeze-Dried Diced Chicken - If you're craving protein but don't have the means (or culinary expertise) to cook up some meat, Mountain House's freeze dried chicken is the answer. You can use Mountain House Diced Chicken in any dish such as pasta, rice bowls, burritos, salad...get those creative juices flowing!
  • 2 Cans - Mountain House's Freeze-Dried Ground Beef - Mountain House's Freeze Dried Ground Beef isn't just delicious, but it's versatile, too. Just add hot water and you can enjoy savory ground beef with any meal - think spaghetti with meat sauce, tacos, hamburgers ... we're sure your mouth is watering just thinking about all the possibilities.
  • 1 Can - Mountain House's Freeze-Dried Diced Beef gives you all the deliciousness of standard beef. Because it's precooked and then freeze dried, the beef retains all the flavor and nutritional value of the beef you typically enjoy at home. Use it in any recipe requiring cooked beef for a delicious, protein-packed meal.
  • 1 Can - Mountain House's Freeze-Dried Seasoned Pork Sausage only requires water and doesn't require a frying pan or microwave. Yes! Our pork sausage crumbles are seasoned to perfection with a blend of mild spice, crushed red bell peppers, and sage. Add it to your breakfast burrito for extra protein and flavor or put it in tonight's spaghetti dinner. The options are endless!


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