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Cool Blaze (Burn-Relief Gel)

Cool Blaze (Burn-Relief Gel)

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Cool Blaze (Burn-Relief Gel)

Cool Blaze Burn Gel helps treat and relieve minor burns and sunburns. It relieves pain, by dissipating the heat from the skin, minimizing burn damage.

This product cools, soothes, and minimizes peeling of the burn area.  It moisturizes the burn area to alleviate irritation. It also contains a disinfectant and skin rejuvenating nutrients.

Convenient for mobile packs, any hand bag, or near a stove, BBQ, or fireplace, just in case the unexpected happens.

Apply a thick layer on the burn area. DO NOT RUB IN. Cool Blaze is safe to use around the eyes and is non-toxic.

Works on:  Sun Burns, Fire Burns, Friction Burns, Rope Burns, and Hair iron/Curler burns, etc.

About this item:

  • For First Aid Kits And Easy Storage
  • Treats And Relieves Minor Burns, including sunburns
  • Contains Aloe Vera
  • Moisturizes skin in order to minimize peeling of the burnt area.

About Cool Blaze Burn Dressing 4″ X 4″

  • A single burn dressing pad that is moistened with burn gel that helps treat and relieve minor burns and sun burns.
  • Dressing is the perfect size for hands and arms.
  • Extra gel included in dressing package to be spread to the adjacent areas of the skin.

About Cool Blaze Face Mask Burn Dressing 12″ X 12″

Burn Dressings are constructed of a special, soft, open-cell foam saturated with the Cool Blaze burn gel.

Individually wrapped in a tear resistant foil package. These dressings help alleviate irritation and provide moisture to the burn area, offering cooling and soothing relief.


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