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Bosch Emergency Hand Crank (for Universal Plus Mixer)

Bosch Emergency Hand Crank (for Universal Plus Mixer)

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Bosch Emergency Hand Crank (for Universal Plus Mixer)

This Hand Crank allows you to easily finish kneading your dough in the event of a power failure!

This handle fits securely onto the dough hook so it can be turned by hand if desired. It works with the bowl being held under one arm, or on a table. It will also work with the bowl on the machine, which proves a more stable base.

With the bowl on the motor base, the transmission and motor would normally be engaged. To avoid the drag of trying to turn the motor while kneading, a spacer is provided to lift the dough hook up above the cross-pin on the drive shaft, allowing the shaft to spring freely.

The Bosch Dough Hook still kneads very effectively, even when raised up this much.

Compatible only with the Bosch Universal Mixer Dough Hook.


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