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THRIVALIST: The 7 Steps to Exceptional Emergency Preparedness (Workbook)

THRIVALIST: The 7 Steps to Exceptional Emergency Preparedness (Workbook)

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THRIVALIST: The 7 Steps to Exceptional Emergency Preparedness (Workbook)

The Thrivalist Master Course is an easy-to-follow program that takes you through 7 sequential steps designed to help you achieve exceptional emergency preparedness within months rather than years. (This is the workbook that accompanies the online video course found at

If you understand the principles of preparedness and know the essential skills and supplies you and your family need, you’ll save yourself years of research and thousands of dollars in mistakes.

And, more importantly, you’ll be able to prepare yourself and your loved ones quickly and effectively before a crisis happens. As the saying goes, “It’s better to be prepared a year early than even one day too late.”

Whether you’re just getting started in preparedness or have been doing it for decades, you’ll be glad you accomplished the Thrivalist Course. It will help you thrive (not just survive) in a crisis.

Marcello Surjopolos is a pioneer in emergency preparedness research and implementation and is passionate about helping families and institutions prepare the right way, the first time.

He has helped prepare U.S. Special Forces, celebrities, large corporations, churches, hospitals, government entities of all sizes, and thousands of families worldwide.

Marcello owns the largest emergency preparedness retail store in Utah (the capital of preparedness) and some of the top food, water, and education companies in the industry, such as, Ready Harvest foods, and Thrivalist.

His background as a consultant, a first responder, a manufacturer, a popular presenter, and an owner of several preparedness companies gives him a unique view into what products, services, and practices actually work during emergencies.

In the confusing world of emergency preparedness, it's refreshing to have an expert like Marcello break through all the confusing (even contradictory) clutter and help you gain the security and peace-of-mind that comes from being prepared the right way, the first time.


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