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Compass with Sighting Mirror, Glowing Marker, and Lanyard

Compass with Sighting Mirror, Glowing Marker, and Lanyard

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Compass with Sighting Mirror, Glowing Marker, and Lanyard

Never-Get-Lost Map Compass With Sighting Mirror, Glowing Markers & Lanyard

An elite compass so you don't get lost. The next time you go camping, hiking, hunting, boating, fishing or traveling, make sure to bring along this Map Compass with a Sighting Mirror for the journey. Sometimes you will be outside against your choice and will need to find your way. After natural disasters the landscape is often changed and you will need a new way to navigate. With it's compact size this device is convenient to store and transport wherever you need it—inside your pocket, backpack, survival pack, purse, emergency/survival kit, etc.

• Dimensions: 2-1/2" x 4-1/2"
• Compass diameter: 1- 3/4”
• 12 Diopter magnifier
• Rotating bezel ring with 2° graduation
• Mineral filled
• Glowing north needle
• 115mm ruler with 1mm graduation
• 4-1/2" ruler with 1/16" graduation
• Sighting mirror with sighting slot
• Dual map scales 
  - 1:50,000 Distance scale 
  - 1:25,000 Distance scale 
• Clear plastic body
• Hard cover closure
• Glow markers
• Sighting line
• Mirror 
• Sight
• Built-In 4x magnifier for map reading
• Lanyard included
• Great for camping, hiking, fishing, outdoor activities, sports, etc.


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