Pry Bar - Nail Puller With Emergency Gas Valve Slots- Heavy-duty 15”

Pry Bar - Nail Puller With Emergency Gas Valve Slots- Heavy-duty 15”

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Heavy Duty 15" Pry Bar & Nail Puller with Emergency Gas Valve Slots

It shuts off the gas, tears through drywall, and allows you to pry your way through obstacles. This 15" pry bar is useful in various emergency situations and in search and rescue operations when debris is present.

You will need to shut off the gas especially after earthquakes. Depending on earthquake severity you will also need to move debris and search for items. This item is necessary for your long-term storage/emergency preparation. 


• Length:15”
• Width: 35mm
• Thickness: 6mm
• 65nm Material
• 42-48 HRC
• 500 grams
• Double Ended
• 3 Nail Pullers
• 2 Emergency Gas Valve Slots
• Orange Color
• 30 Degree Claw at One End for Reaching Tight Sports & Curved Pry Claw at the Other End for Superior Leverage.
• Used for Pulling Nails & Prying Materials, Emergency Dry wall & Gas Shutoff Tool


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