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Bosch Black Universal Plus Stand Mixer (with Stainless Steel Bowl)

Bosch Black Universal Plus Stand Mixer (with Stainless Steel Bowl)

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Bosch Black Universal Plus Stand Mixer (with Stainless Steel Bowl)

As the top of the line mixer, the Bosch Universal mixer is tough and efficient. 

HIGH SPEED DRIVE With a powerful bottom drive motor and 4 Speeds plus a "Pulse" feature, this stand mixer can handle the heaviest of baking loads.

BOTTOM DRIVE MOTOR. NEED WE SAY MORE? The Bosch Universal Plus has a powerful  bottom drive motor, making it easy to handle heavy loads and actually see what you’re mixing. 10 pounds of mashed potatoes, anyone?

MORE BOWL SPACE THAN ANY OTHER MIXER. Solidify your position of Best Neighborhood Mom with the Bosch Universal Plus. Use the 6.5-Quart bowl to easily make 408 cookies at a time, just in time for soccer practice. Or 14 Loaves of emergency bread! This bowl can hold up to 15 pounds of dough. 

SUCTION FEET Your mixer will remain right where you place it with built-in suction feet that tightly grip your countertop.

COUNTERTOP CLUTTER? FORGET ABOUT IT. With built-in cord storage and sturdy suction feet your mixer will stay right where you put it, whether that be displayed in a place of honor or while mixing up your new favorite recipe.

EVERYTHING A MIXER SHOULD BE. AND MORE. The Bosch Universal Plus isn’t just another pretty base. With more attachments than you can count on your fingers, being a kitchen wizard has never been easier.

Powerful Motor, 6.5-quart bowl, and dozens of attachments, why wouldn’t you choose Bosch Mixers?


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