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Hybrid Solar Lantern with Backup Battery


Product Description

The Hybrid SOLAR Lantern - With Backup Battery

  • Recharges With Any Light Source
  • 6 Hours of Light Per Full Charge (plus an additional 50 hours on backup!)
  • Holds a Charge For 3-7 Years
  • 12 Super Bright LED Lights
  • Extremely Durable
  • Water Resistant & It Floats!

→  Indicator lights: YELLOW when using Solar Power from the grid, GREEN when being powered by the lithium backup batteries, and RED illuminates when charging.


Food Storage Depot's amazing hybrid solar lantern projects 200 Lumens of light that will last up to 6 hours on one solar charge! And if that isn't enough, this lantern also includes a battery backup that will give you an additional 50 hours of light in situations where solar charging isn't possible. The solar battery will hold a charge for 3 years and the backup battery up to 7 years. And because it's an LED light, you get a bright output without the worry of a bulb burning out. Not to mention waterproof and shock resistant. You wouldn't want to be without one of these in an emergency!

Dimensions: 1lb 2oz, 7.5 inches tall x 3.75 inches wide.

Note: Individual items are available in bulk for group, institution, or corporate clients. Contact us here.